Ciao e Benvenuti... Hello and Welcome!

My name is Benita and I am the founder of the Kilometre Zero Culinary Experience. 

I was born into two Italian families on both my maternal and paternal sides. My mother was born in Northern Italy in a beautiful little town called, Asti in the Piedmont region. While my father’s family originates from a little town in Central Italy called, Ripa Teatina, in the Abruzzo region.

My grandparents, like many Italians, migrated to Australia in the 60's
in search for work opportunities and a better life for their children. I am grateful everyday for the sacrifices they made to give their children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren a life full of opportunity.

My grandparents were all born just after end of The Great Depression and lived through WWII. They were raised in poor families and worked hard just to survive. Whilst their wallets were empty, their hearts were full and they always made the most of what they had. A little bit of bread, a dash of olive oil, a few tomatoes and some garlic went a long way. What they learnt about food during this time is that you can make incredible things with just a few simple ingredients and food is always better shared with those we love.

Many of the recipes that I will teach you are hundreds of years old and come from these humble beginnings. I have worked hard to keep our prices fair and equitable so that every socio economic group has an opportunity to learn how make delicious Italian food.

On my last trip to Italy, friends of mine spoke frequently about products being known as, "Chilometro Zero". After some time, I asked them what it meant when products were "Chilometro Zero". They explained to me that this meant the products were produced in house - fresh and from scratch. And so, came the dream to produce food that would be known as 'Kilometre Zero' here, in Australia. What's better than having fresh, delicious, Italian food? Having it all without leaving your home!

I am so excited to come into your homes and share my passion for food, family, and life with you! Make a spritz and get ready to live like an Italian!

A presto, 

Benita xo